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Mom Teaches Son About Sex

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

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I started home schooling junior when he was old enough for kindergarten. I knew he would learn much faster and do better than he could at public school. But when he started going through puberty it became clear that he was going to need sex education. This was a problem. I got all the books, showed him the pictures and explained sex to him, but he just couldn’t catch on to what it was about. I finally realized he needed more than talk. I went into the bedroom and took off my clothes and then invited him in.

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I gave the lecture again using my body to explain. When I opened my legs to show him my pussy, he started to get a hard-on. I opened his fly to explain what his penis was doing. Before I could say a word, he slammed it into my pussy and started fucking as hard as he could. “Oh, fuck me, mommy!” he gasped. He thrust himself in to the limit, I could feel the veins on his hard cock throbbing inside me and it turned me on. I knew it was incest and the more I thought about it, the more it excited me.

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I began to caress his back as I could feel the head of his dick getting as big as a fist inside me. The volcano was ready to erupt and the sensation drove me orgasm. A second later he exploded inside me so hard it felt like it would split my ass. When he pulled out I never saw so much cum in my life. He put his mouth on one of my nipples started to suck like I was nursing him. “Thanks, mommy.” He said. “You told me you didn’t understand about fucking! ” I said. He smiled and replied, “How else could I get you in here?”

Teacher Mommy
(Cock classes for sons)

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Son Helps Mom With Sex

Friday, November 25th, 2011

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After my parents divorced, Mom started having problems. She got short tempered, irritable and argued with everybody. One day, her boss asked me to talk to her because she was becoming impossible to work with. I knew what the problem was. She n eeded to get laid. She and dad used to fuck every night, I could always hear them. When I tried to talk to her about it she made it clear she was through with husbands and boyfriends.

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Finally, I knew what I had to do. My Mom is a very attractive woman. I peeled up her skirt and began to kiss her thighs. When she protested I said, “Think of this like a back rub.” I pulled down her panties and started eating her pussy. Soon she began to coo with approval as my lust began to take over. She began rock her cunt up and down and finally convulsed with pleasure as she came. She instantly grabbed my shoulders to pull me on top of her . I opened my pants with one hand. I was already fully aroused and thrust my hard meat into her moist depths. She came again and thrust her tongue into my mouth. We fucked until three A.M. when I finally went home.

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A few days later I got a call from her boss, who informed me that whatever I had said worked. I visit her at least once a week, usually for a little dinner followed by really great sex. Sometimes if she’s horny I just drop by for a quick one. After all, that’s the least a son can do for his mother!

A Son Who Cares
(About mommy’s pussy)

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Mom Son Sex On The Camping Trip

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Last summer my mom and me went to the Grand Canyon and took the hike to the bottom. By the time we got there it was too late to start back up, so I pitched the tent and we bedded down for the night. Later, I was awakened by a hand reaching into my sleeping bag . It was my mom!

She unzipped my fly and reached inside for my dick. I started to say something but she stopped me with a soft “Shhh!” She started jacking me off and it wasn’t long before I was as hard as a rock. She unzipped my bag all the way and eased my pants down to my knees. A coyote howled outside. “Oh, Mom!” I sighed as she started kissing my dick and balls. I reached into her top and started feeling her tits, her nipples were already hard.

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She slipped my dick into her mouth and started giving me a blow job. I looked down and watched her head bob up and down as my lust rose to its’ height. The coyote outside howled again just as I let go. She gulped down my load with delight. I rolled over and pulled down her slacks so I could return the favor. After eating her pussy for about twenty minutes my dick was ready again and I moved on top of her and stared ramming her with it. I never thought mom and son sex could be like this!

We kept at it for most of the night, I never came that much before. I knew my mom was a good cook. I didn’t know she could fuck like that!

Now we go camping all the time!

(A bad boy but satisfied)

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Son Has Sex With His Mother

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

A mom son sex confession of sorts….

“When I was in high school my dad wanted my mom and I to do something together to help us “bond” as I was not getting along with her (must of been because I was becoming sexually aware and with all those male hormones pumping through my cock and body, quite a cocky asshole). Although annoyed at the time, I did as my dad asked, God knows why. So anyway, since were both gym goers, we decided to make that our “thing” to do so that we could spend time getting to know each other a little. That was over six years ago. Well, over the years, we have become close. Very, very close. So close that if my dad found out he would kill us both!

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Anyway, we have continued the tradition of going to the gym together even after I moved out of the house four years ago. Except that now after the gym, we head over to my place for a an hour or so for some mother son special loving. Sex is so hot, cause we are both in our prime and have no inhibitions! She is hot and wanting it all the damn time. She wants it anyhow and anywhere. She even asked me to fuck her up the ass! Now that was incredible! And I am more than willing to give my mother the fucking she so desires. I shouldn’t be, but I am so very thankful to my dad for making us “get to know” each other better”


Now there’s a VERY lucky young man!

Mommy S.
(Shhh, don’t tell daddy)

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She Wants To Fuck Her Son

Friday, February 26th, 2010

As I have watched my son grow up, I am becoming more and more attracted to him sexually. I can’t help it. He is such a frick’n stud. Just like his father when he was young. You know, before he got bored with life and started eating his way through every day. Now he is way over 300lbs and of course we never fuck anymore. Now that my son is twenty-one, I just can’t stop lusting after him. Thank God he isn’t around very much. I mean what would he think if he knew how much his mother wanted fuck him?

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I have fantasized about the next time he comes back home for a visit. I could slip him something in his drink at dinner and when he went to bed that night I could sneak into his room and play with his cock until he got really horny. If I did it just right, he would never remember anything the next morning. I would get the fucking I so badly want, and he would never know what I had done. And who knows, maybe he is more like his mother than we both know. God, I can only hope so. Gotta go. Got some planning to do. My boy comes home this weekend and I have to get everything ready.

“Is it wrong that a mom wants to fuck her son?”

Mother W.
(Horny and looking at her son’s cock as I type)

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