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Dominant Mom Spanks And Jerks Off Son

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

I caught my son Bruce masturbating in his room with two other boys while looking at dirty pictures on the internet!

What did I do?

Spanked him soundly on the bare bottom after sending the other two boys home. But that wasn’t all!

incest mom picture
“Being Spanked By Mother Is Just The Beginning!”

He got such an erection while across my lap I had to masturbate him into a tissue to get it to go down! He said he wouldn’t do it again, but that his “peepee” hurt so much from being stiff that I had to finish doing it for him so he could get his trousers back up.

I know many mothers would not of done it, but I care about my son’s upbringing and will do anything that is required to keep him healthy and living a God-fearing life.

In fact, when I told the good Father at Church last Sunday, he said is was a sin and incest abomination – and that I should NOT “jerk off” (he actually used that dirty term) my son!

Well, I’m in charge of THIS household and I will do what’s right for my boy!

(Church mother and disciplinarian)

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Young Mother Spanks Her Husband

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Married bliss, indeed….

“I just bought a brand new black leather belt” she hissed “And now it’s going to get it’s first taste of my husband’s naughty bare bottom!” Jerry struggled and writhed, but his wife had him by the hair and he couldn’t shake free of her grasp..”

Blushing bare butt fun for a naughty mate when this Young Mother Spanks Her Husband and makes him take down his trousers like a little boy across his mommy’s lap!

(I spank both my husband and my son)

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Mom Spanks Stepson Gallery

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

“I think we’ll have these underpants down too” Helda sneered as she tugged Mark’s underwear down to his knees “I think a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking from your mother is just what the doctor ordered!” She ran her hands over his pale bare butt, sending a shiver of sensation through his cock and balls….”

Just part of the fun in this Mom Spanks Stepson Gallery we have for you today at MomSonSexBlog.Com!

And she doesn’t want any mother son lap spurt either!

……..or DOES she???

“Did you make that mess on mommy’s leg?”

(A spanker and lover of naughty boys)

Boys Spanked By Mom

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Moms teach sons many things…sometimes about sex, but more often about manners and discipline!

“When he got home from school I marched him straight up to his room, stripped him naked, threw him across my lap and proceeded to spank his bare bottom for a good half hour! He promised he’d never do it again, but I’m keeping the “spanking light” on just in case he needs a little reminding of his promise!”

Mother’s in charge and she’s having no nonsense!

boys spanked by mom picture
“This Is What Happens When Mommy Catches You Masturbating!”

Of course many a mother son spanking has led to ……other things too, hehe!

“Get your underpants down and get across mommy’s lap! And you better not make a spurt in mommy’s lap!”

Mother S.
(I spanked my son for sniffing my dirty panties)

Bad Boys Get Spanked

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Many boy’s get spanked first at home by their mothers and then at boarding school…..feeling the thrill of having a dominant woman take his trousers down and spank his bare bottom has led to many a splashing orgasm!

Want to watch some bad boys getting spanked?

Then have a gander at these lovely ladies working on some stinging bare butts!

“Bend over the desk and drop your trousers!”

Madame Jacklyn
(I cane boys for fun)

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