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Sucked By Mom

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Last Sunday we had our first family camping trip with dad and mom. I really thought the weekend was going to suck shit but instead I got my cock sucked good! So yeah, my mother is a nympho. And she’s ALWAYS horny!

My dad is a heavy drinker and was usually passed out in the tent by sundown, leaving my mom and me to talk by the fire and eat our dinner together. It was kind of boring. I would sneak off and spark a fattie when I could, but I was feeling homesick for my iPhone and gameboy.

But on the second week of our trip, shit got fucking WILD – I was really feeling dirty and sweaty after hiking up and down the paths around our camping spot. So I grabbed my soap and towel and trotted off to the creek to clean up a bit. I stripped down and was starting to wash up when I got the feeling someone was watching me. Next thing I know, my mom was standing at the waters edge and striping out of her clothes. I stood there, naked and in shock trying to keep my cock from swelling to its full erection, when she started walking toward me in the water. Before I could even react she was standing in front of me with her hands on my cock and balls, telling me how hot it would be to fuck her son. There was no way I could resist her soft hands and then feeling her warm tongue all over my nut sac, so I just let her keep stroking and sucking me until I exploded with a huge load of warm cum all over her face and down her tits.

After, she just stood up, patted my ass, turned around and said “night son”. I can’t wait for the next family camping trip!


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