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I’ll Fuck My Son

Friday, September 17th, 2010

My son Harry has no idea the kinky things I have in store for him. See, this Saturday he turns eighteen and his step-father and I are planning a huge birthday bash. What my boy don’t know about is the private party I will be holding for him after everyone has left and his fat lazy stepfather has passed out from too much Cutty Sark. A very special present from mommy!

I am going to initiate my beautiful boy into the wonderful world of hot mom son sex. Yes, he is a virgin. Who better to guide this young man into true adulthood than his very caring, very loving mother? He is such a sweet boy, who just seems to need a little nudge in the right direction to get his sex life going. One night with in his mother’s bed and he will be ready to head out into the real world when he leaves for college this fall with the important skills of how to please a woman thoroughly.

I know I am going to be so proud of “my boy”, I just know he’s going to drive the girls mad….. and besides, I’ve seen that delicious bulge in his swim trunks when we’re at the beach and I just can’t wait to get my hot little hands on that big cock. His stepfather can’t even get it up anymore so it’s been awhile since I’ve enjoyed a REAL man!

Wish me luck!

(Eager to seduce her son)

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More Mom Son Sex Confessions

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Recently a round table was assembled with mothers who have sex with their sons on a regular basis – how it started, why they do it and yes, why they ENJOY it!

A snippet:

“Q Myra, why don’t you go first? When did you first start having sex with your son?

A He was just finishing high school and we were celebrating with some of his friends at the pub. We got a little tipsy and were playing a drinking game, one where you had to do a “dare” or take a drink. Someone dared me to french kiss my son, and when I did, we both felt an immediate spark pass between us. Without a word, we winked and as soon as we got home we were making out like teenagers on the couch…”

Read about it in our gallery entitled More Mom Son Sex Confessions that we have for you to enjoy today at the Mom Son Sex Blog!

“Let mommy see how big your cock is, okay, baby?”

Ma Jones
(Don’t ask, don’t tell)

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Peverted Moms

Monday, March 15th, 2010

“Moms who fuck their own sons? Sounds pretty perverted to me, right? WRONG! I’ve been fucking my son Jason for years. And why not? He’s got the cock of a horse and I can’t get enough of him slamming my hot pussy night after night upstairs while his father is away…”

Would you like to be the lucky son of one of these delicious perverted moms, hmmm?

When there’s a young cock (or pussy) in the house, these perverted moms will soon get their hot little hands on it! LOL!

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