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Mother Masturbates Son To Cuckold Husband

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

My mother has been bitching lately about the fact that dad isn’t satisfying her in bed, which is a strange thing for a mom to confide to her son, right? She’s an ex-hippie and pretty open about sexual things, so it’s not that big a deal in our family. She says he doesn’t seem interested in her much anymore and she wants to make him jealous.

So last Sunday, she and I made a plan to try and make him jealous, she got it on with me!

Well, it was just supposed to be a fake encounter that she and I were going to film on her cell phone (but hiding my face) and let him “find” it and think she was having an affair.

But things kind of got out of hand – or should I say IN HAND?

Mom Gave Me A Hand Job!

Yeah! We set up the cell phone on the table next to the bed, stripped down to our underwear and just started rolling around on the bed and acting like we were making out.

Suddenly, I felt her hand snake it’s way into my boxers and grab my cock! I pulled back and said “Mom? Wait-” but she just shushed me and told me to play along so it would look real.

Before I knew it, she had my cock out and was stroking it and looking into the cell phone camera as she did it. She was saying shit like “See how hard a young cock is, Jim?” and “I’m going to make this stud cum like you used to!”

It was fucking nuts!

I have to admit it felt pretty good and when she bent down and whispered in my ear “Just relax, baby, mommy is going to do it for you” I couldn’t help but surrender.

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Mom Made Me Cum!

Pretty soon I could feel my back arching and toes curling as my mom stroked and tugged my cock. Fuck, was she good at it! She would do it fast, then slow, then pull at the head of my cock with two fingers and tickle the tip with another. Who would of thought, huh?

All of a sudden I felt a shiver race through my body and I started spurting hot cum straight into the air in a series of shooting spurts that left my mom almost totally covered and wet with my jizz! It was incredible! She just started laughing and continued jerking my cock until my balls were completely drained and almost aching.

After that, she grabbed a towel and wiped herself and me off. Reaching for the cell phone on the table, she looked into the camera and said “See what you’re missing, Jim?” and then shut it off. Whoa! I didn’t know what to say or do next.

But mom, true to form just shrugged it off, told me to go out and play and went off to have a shower.

Did she ever show it to my dad? I don’t know, but there’s been some pretty crazy sounds coming from their bedroom at night all this week!

(My mom did me good)

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Mommy Jerks Off Her Son

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

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This mother decided that watching her son masturbate wasn’t enough….she was going to do it for him! And not only does she pull his penis to a splashing climax, she scolds and teases him as she does it! Talk about a bitch!

Want to see?

A bit of mom son sex and incest to keep the smile on your face and bulge in your pants! Remember, nothing makes a cock happier than to have mommy give it a good yank!

“Are you masturbating to online porn again in here? Well young man, mother is going to teach you the RIGHT way to jerkoff…now get your little boy cock out and show mommy!”

Mother E.
(Perverted and VERY happy, thank you)

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He Wants Mom To Stroke His Cock

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Is there something wrong with me? Ever since I was a little kid, I have always wanted my mom to touch me. I don’t mean in the usual way a mother hugs and kisses her son. No I have always wanted my mother to climb in my bed like she did with my dad and touch my penis like I know she touched his. I know this is not normal but I can’t help myself. She is just so beautiful and I can’t help myself from wanting her to touch me and let me touch her. When I was in high school I would lay in my bed at night a remember her breasts when I was little and how much I loved sucking from them. Now that I am away at college, I sometimes take out her picture when I am alone in my dorm room and touch my cock, stroking it while I look at her pretty face. I know I have to be real quiet, so I say ‘mommy’ over and over in my head instead of screaming out load like I want to when I cum. I miss my mommy so much! Please help me!

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“Now just lay back and let mommy play with your nice hard cock, that’s a good boy…”

Mommy K.
(I masturbate all my sons)

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