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I Butt Fucked My Mom

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Yep! Bent the old gal over, dropped her bloomers and banged that sweet brown bunghole till she was cumming like a hooker!

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Sick? Fuck no! It was something we really enjoyed….and do over and over again!

“Yeah, baby, let me feel that hard boy cock up my shit hole! Bang me like a whore, baby!”

(Gave my ma a butt banging that was SO fucking hot!)

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Mom Watched Me Jerk Off

Friday, May 28th, 2010

I was in the bathroom after school one afternoon. I had run home with a cock that was throbbing and ready to burst from watching the girl’s cheerleader squad at school going through their routines…..seeing those young asses in little tight shorts under their skirts as they stretched and bent over for drills had my teenage libido running on overdrive….anyway, I was just able to make it to the bathroom upstairs and without a thought pulled out my cock and started stroking it wildly to the thought of being able to secrete myself in the locker room and peeping on all those little tarts as they showered and changed…and as I thought of the delicious delights of that masturbatory fantasy I didn’t see that there was some one watching me through the keyhole…my own mother!

After I blew my load and had cleaned up, I was coming back down the steps when I noticed my mother standing at the lower landing with a particular smile on her face. She asked me if I was “satisfied” and feeling better?

She had seen me! She didn’t say so (at least not at that time) but I immediately knew she must of seen me pulling my cock and jerking the jizz…I blushed and stammered, but she just placed her finger across my lips and said “Shhhh, baby, it’s normal for boys your age”…she then took me into the kitchen and fixed a snack. I was mortified and ate my tuna fish sandwich in total silence….little did I know that even then she was pondering how to get me into her bed!

And later IT HAPPENED!

“Let mommy watch you make it spurt..THAT’S a GOOD boy! Stroke it!”

Mother Rans
(Tugging cock is what a mother should do for her son)

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Hot Mom Son Sex Confessions

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Up for a little bit of mother son incest fun?

These naughty mothers sure are! Here’s but a taste:

“..Before I knew it, I had his big beautiful young cock out and was sucking it madly! He put his hands on the back of my head and pumped my mouth up and down the length of that smooth shaft. Before long, he came like a firehose all over my face and chin! I had just sucked off my own son – and LOVED it!”


More here in these sizzling Hot Mom Son Sex Confessions that will delight your cock!

Mommy Blue
(Have to stay secret so hubby doesn’t find out what I did with our two sons)

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Pantyhose Moms Gallery

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Nylons and mothers, yummy!

“I have a sick little secret to confess – my son loves to smell my pantyhose! I came home one day and caught him masturbating in his bedroom while smelling my pantyhose! He had the crotch panel right over his face and was stroking his lovely large penis furiously….”

What happened next?

Sweet incest fun in this Pantyhose Moms Gallery for you to enjoy today!

“Now let mommy watch…start stroking it slowly….yeah, that’s it….”

(Boys need their mother’s love…and pussy)

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Mom And Daughter Share A Cock

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

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Eveyone loves a double BJ, and here you can watch a mother and her daughter share a cock! They say the family that plays together, stays together, so….

Mother And Daughter Milk A Cock!

“So who sucks better? Me or my daughter?”

(My mom licks me too)

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Sucked Off By Mom

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Check out this free video of a boy getting Sucked Off By His Mom after school one day! Apparently she had been flirting with him and dropping lewd hints all week (his dad had moved out the month before and the poor old gal was hornier than a bear in the spring) and it finally led to THIS!

“Yeah, baby, give mommy ALL that sweet hot boy cum!”

Mother Brown
(Banging my boys and their friends too)

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Pantyhose Facesitting Mom Gallery

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Dreamed of sniffing your moms pussy and ass?

“One of my favorite expressions is “taste my, asshole, worm!” I sit on their faces and scoot my ass across their faces till my ass is directly over their mouths. Then they have to stick out their tongues and try and lick my anus through my pantyhose!”

Just part of the smelly maternal fun to be enjoyed in this Pantyhose Facesitting Mom Gallery we have for you today.

Ma Gena
(I make my son masturbate in front of my friends)

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More Mom Son Sex Confessions

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Recently a round table was assembled with mothers who have sex with their sons on a regular basis – how it started, why they do it and yes, why they ENJOY it!

A snippet:

“Q Myra, why don’t you go first? When did you first start having sex with your son?

A He was just finishing high school and we were celebrating with some of his friends at the pub. We got a little tipsy and were playing a drinking game, one where you had to do a “dare” or take a drink. Someone dared me to french kiss my son, and when I did, we both felt an immediate spark pass between us. Without a word, we winked and as soon as we got home we were making out like teenagers on the couch…”

Read about it in our gallery entitled More Mom Son Sex Confessions that we have for you to enjoy today at the Mom Son Sex Blog!

“Let mommy see how big your cock is, okay, baby?”

Ma Jones
(Don’t ask, don’t tell)

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Mother Caught Him Masturbating

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

All us moms know it goes on, but it’s always a bit of a shock when you first walk in on your son masturbating…

“Danny was doing what all teenage boys do when they get home from school, jerking off upstairs to a hot porn mag he had scored from a buddy at school. What he didn’t know, was that his mother Connie was home. Well, you know what happened, right? She walked into his room and caught him masturbating in mid-stroke!”

What do you think happened next when Mother Caught Him Masturbating and decided to lend him a “helping” hand, hmmm?


“I should punish you for this, but….”

Mother D.
(Love to watch my boys jerk)

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Peverted Moms

Monday, March 15th, 2010

“Moms who fuck their own sons? Sounds pretty perverted to me, right? WRONG! I’ve been fucking my son Jason for years. And why not? He’s got the cock of a horse and I can’t get enough of him slamming my hot pussy night after night upstairs while his father is away…”

Would you like to be the lucky son of one of these delicious perverted moms, hmmm?

When there’s a young cock (or pussy) in the house, these perverted moms will soon get their hot little hands on it! LOL!

(Love a hard young cock)

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