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Mom Son Sex Though History

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Taboo Mother Son Incest

The idea that mom son sex is somehow a product of ill breeding or the lower classes is a myth. It happened and indeed still happens in the best of families. Now we all know that the ancient Egyptians practiced incest as a way of keeping the royal bloodline pure, but that was sister brother incest, rather than mother son incest.

Mom Son Sex In Britain

Many of the great families of England have secrets to tell when it comes to rich and powerful mothers sleeping with their sons. This an excerpt from the diary of Lord Edmund Stokes, writing in the eighteen hundreds:

“Today upon waking I wondered into Mater’s bedroom as usual to greet her. She was already up and invited me into the bed with her. After I climbed in, she started to caress and fondle me in a most aggressive way. She then unbuttoned her dressing gown and invited me to play with her teats. I naturally started suckling like a small babe and before long she had my roger in her hand and was stroking it mightily. I came off in her hand after a few minutes. This set a pattern that was to be repeated until I left for school at Oxford some six years later”

More mom son sex from another royal family. This from a personal letter of Lord Gilfoy’s to his male lover, Johnathan Depow.

“My dearest Johnny, did I ever tell you about the times my dear mother would take me into the water closet in her upstairs bedroom and suckle my cock like a common street whore? She claimed it was to keep me from straying down the path of wrong doing with evil women that had claimed my father, the first Lord Gilfoy. She said I needed to be drained of all such passions and it was her duty as a mother to do so. After I filled her warm mouth with my jizm, she would spit it into the loo and say that’s where all such poison belonged! Can you imagine?”

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Mother son incest in Germany

The Teutonic race was not without their adherents to mom son sex and incest. This is part of an old song that used to make the rounds of German pubs in the seventeen hundreds. It has been translated here:

“Round and round, suck it down, mother’s milk is good. Round and round, suck it down, mother milks her son”

Not much left to imagination there, eh?

Here’s an excerpt from an unpublished memoir of the Kreigsmarine Von Tuefel:

“Mother was strict. After she laced my bare bottom with a cane, she would make me take out my penis and stroke it for her and also in front of the maid. She would force me to launch my seed into the maid’s hand while she watched and whipped my bottom. Mother said it was good to get all the badness out and this was the best way. Sometimes she would insert her finger into my anus to asset my efforts”.


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Mother Son Incest In France

Leave it to the French to make sex between mother and son a thing of art and beauty. The painter Dantoine used to tell his pupils that his love of color and form came from his mother’s influence – specifically seducing him by modeling nude in front of him as a boy. He wrote in his workbook these words:

“Today mother appeared before me in a sheer nightgown, her full firm breasts jutting out from beneath the fabric and her large thatch of pubic hair outlined below. She stood in the window allowing the light to pass through and allowing me to see her deliciously erotic shape and sensual form. I immediately set down my books, as I had been reading Voltaire, and went to her. Reaching into my breeches and grasping my erect penis in her hand, she rubbed it again and again against her soft thigh making me deposit my jizm upon her in a most satisfying spray!”


Sex Between Mother And Son In Denmark

Before we leave our little history of mom son incest, let us make a stop in the cold, but lusty Kingdom of Denmark. The Danes were no strangers to incest, as many a Viking father has slept with his daughter during a drunken night of carousing in the mead hall. But the mothers were busy too. An old Viking saga tells of how Helga, mother of Rothgar made him a man by incest:

“And many a day did Helga take her young son Rothgar into the shed and take his manhood into her mouth, suckling him tenderly and draining him of his seed. She would often direct his manhood to her bunghole. She did this to make him a man at an early age, to better be prepared for the rigors of battle and war which he was soon to become embroiled”.

Thanks, mom!

So there you have it, a bit of mom son incest and sexual encounters between mother and son through the ages!

Does it give YOU any ideas? Maybe some Hot Mother Son Sex Fantasies?

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Moms And Sons Having Sex

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Does this sound like a bit of kinky incest fun you might want to explore?

“Q Was he surprised?
A Surprised and interested! He asked how I did it – so I showed him. We had a wonderful mutual masturbation session watching each other get off. Afterwards, I told him when ever he felt like he needed to get some “release” to simply come into mommy’s room and we would do it again….”

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Lara D.
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Mom Rides Son’s Cock At Night

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

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Justin’s my oldest. Ever since he was a baby, he would kick off his covers and sleep naked. Most of the time with a hard-on. He’s older now and still sleeps that way, only now his cock is as big as any boyfriend I’ve ever had . I found myself making excuses to go into his room just to look at it. He can sleep through anything and I knew he wouldn’t wake up. Last night I got the urge to do more than look. As soon as I touched his dick, it hardened like a 2×4!

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I stroked the head of it and it got dark and huge. This really turned me on. I decided a little incest wouldn’t hurt. My dad started fucking me when I was young! I slipped off my panties and climbed on top of him, straddling him with my legs. I rode his cock with my wet pussy for a while and finally reached down to guide him inside. I lowered myself down onto him driving him deep. He exploded inside me. The feeling of his hot cum filling me really turned me on! I rode his hard rod having one orgasm after another. After forty minutes or so, he answered my orgasms with another one of his own and finally went soft without ever waking up. I got off of him and quietly went to bed.

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The next morning, I asked him at breakfast if he slept well. “I feel great!” he said and told me he had never slept better. As he was talking I couldn’t be sure which I enjoyed more. Fucking him in his sleep or sitting across from him at breakfast with my pussy full of his cum he knows nothing about. One thing I do know for sure, I’m riding him again tonight!

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Mom Teaches Son About Sex

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

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I started home schooling junior when he was old enough for kindergarten. I knew he would learn much faster and do better than he could at public school. But when he started going through puberty it became clear that he was going to need sex education. This was a problem. I got all the books, showed him the pictures and explained sex to him, but he just couldn’t catch on to what it was about. I finally realized he needed more than talk. I went into the bedroom and took off my clothes and then invited him in.

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I gave the lecture again using my body to explain. When I opened my legs to show him my pussy, he started to get a hard-on. I opened his fly to explain what his penis was doing. Before I could say a word, he slammed it into my pussy and started fucking as hard as he could. “Oh, fuck me, mommy!” he gasped. He thrust himself in to the limit, I could feel the veins on his hard cock throbbing inside me and it turned me on. I knew it was incest and the more I thought about it, the more it excited me.

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I began to caress his back as I could feel the head of his dick getting as big as a fist inside me. The volcano was ready to erupt and the sensation drove me orgasm. A second later he exploded inside me so hard it felt like it would split my ass. When he pulled out I never saw so much cum in my life. He put his mouth on one of my nipples started to suck like I was nursing him. “Thanks, mommy.” He said. “You told me you didn’t understand about fucking! ” I said. He smiled and replied, “How else could I get you in here?”

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Son Helps Mom With Sex

Friday, November 25th, 2011

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After my parents divorced, Mom started having problems. She got short tempered, irritable and argued with everybody. One day, her boss asked me to talk to her because she was becoming impossible to work with. I knew what the problem was. She n eeded to get laid. She and dad used to fuck every night, I could always hear them. When I tried to talk to her about it she made it clear she was through with husbands and boyfriends.

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Finally, I knew what I had to do. My Mom is a very attractive woman. I peeled up her skirt and began to kiss her thighs. When she protested I said, “Think of this like a back rub.” I pulled down her panties and started eating her pussy. Soon she began to coo with approval as my lust began to take over. She began rock her cunt up and down and finally convulsed with pleasure as she came. She instantly grabbed my shoulders to pull me on top of her . I opened my pants with one hand. I was already fully aroused and thrust my hard meat into her moist depths. She came again and thrust her tongue into my mouth. We fucked until three A.M. when I finally went home.

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A few days later I got a call from her boss, who informed me that whatever I had said worked. I visit her at least once a week, usually for a little dinner followed by really great sex. Sometimes if she’s horny I just drop by for a quick one. After all, that’s the least a son can do for his mother!

A Son Who Cares
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If Your Mom Masturbated You

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

What would you do?

We asked that of a bunch of our mom son sex fans, ones who admitted to having been masturbated by their mothers as a boy and these are the results:

58% said they found the experience intensely erotic and liked it!

22% said they were traumatized by it and didn’t really enjoy it (but still found themselves “reliving” it while masturbating alone).

78% responded that they had hired hookers or sex workers to re-create the experience with them.

14% said they were allowed to call their wives “mommy” in bed.

And a whopping 86% admitted to having masturbated as a boy to the sight of their mother naked, or had stolen her panties to masturbate with.

Interesting, huh?

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Mom Sucked Son Off

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

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The score was 17 -13. Brad flew into the end zone with two seconds left and the quarterback fired the bomb. It went in and out of Brad’s hands as the gun went off. Game over, we lost. I never saw my son as depressed as he was that night. He didn ’t say a word all the way home. Nothing helped, he wouldn’t talk to anybody or eat anything. I sat next to him on the couch and tried to cheer him up, but it was no good. I decided to try something else. What wouldn’t a mother do to help her son?

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I reached over and started to rub his crotch. He looked at me surprised but I could feel the bulge in his pants begin to grow. He said nothing when I opened his fly and reached for his dick. It was big and hard. Even bigger than his father’s and it really turned me on. I leaned over and teased the head of it with my tongue, the veins on his rod began to throb. I took it all of it into my mouth. His breathing told me how much he was enjoying what I was doing and I could feel his hand reach between my legs.

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As his fingers found their way into my wet cunt the head of his cock got so big it almost choked me. With a loud groan he moved his fingers deeper into me and began to convulse with pleasure as his hot, salty wad filled my mouth faster than I could swallow it. As I gobbled down his offerings the joy juice ran down my thighs with equal pleasure. I looked up into Brad’s face and he smiled at last. “Thanks, Mom. That was great!” It worked better than making his favorite food ever did.

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Rita&Rolf anal mature on video

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

He fucked his mother up the butt!

After a glass of wine this mature redhead mom got very easy going, so her young son Rolf easily talked her into opening up her sexy bubble butt. Rita stuck up that deliciously tasty derriere to tease him a bit and then gagged on his hardening meaty cock. As this fiery mommy made it all lubed up and ready to enter her small bunghole, she got on all fours and welcomed it inside.. “Fuck me, baby” she cried “Give mommy that cock up her bottom!” YEAH!
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Christiana&Viola vivid lesbian mature action

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

Why do some moms turn into pussy crazed vixens as they age?

Young Viola had fallen asleep while reading a book by the time her mature lesbian lover Christiana returned home. However, Christiana wasn’t ready to go to bed yet, she wanted to play with a just bought long red jelly toy. Soon the girl was wide awake and eager to join in the sex game. Her luscious milf lover was wearing a rhinestone open cup bra under her office blouse and the look of it aroused the girl..
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Kinky Mother Son Sex Study Results

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

“Finding: A striking thirty-three percent of male twins said they had been sexually seduced by their mothers, A surprising finding that merits further study.”

Read more of these Kinky Mother Son Sex Study Results Here and see if you find yourself repulsed or AROUSED!

If what they found is true, then LOTS of mothers and sons have been doing the dirty deed in private for years! And some of the shit they are into is KINKY like you won’t believe!


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