Son Watches Mom Masturbate In The Shower

The other day John came home from school during lunch. Walking into the house, he called first his dad’s name and then his mom’s hoping someone would be home and happy to see him (or at least fix him some dinner).

After a few moments of no answers, he figured no one was home. Shrugging, he headed upstairs to his parents’ bedroom to see if there was anyone there.

He went upstairs and down the hall but heard the shower running. He crept forward to see who it was. Standing under the running water was his mother, completely naked and totally hot…and there was something else – she had here eyes closed and was working her fingers in and out of her pussy in a furious manner! He had caught his mom masturbating in the shower! Strangely transfixed, John kept watching until she sighed in a long fashion and slowly took her fingers from her dripping hairy pussy! He quickly ducked out of the bathroom and went downstairs.

When she came down later he acted like nothing had happened. But late that night in his old bedroom, he jerked off repeatedly to the delicious image of his mother masturbating under the shower head, fingers in her wet snatch and eyes closed in rapture! From then on he tried to peek in the bathroom when ever she took a shower!

The little dickens!

(Love a naughty boy)

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