Son Has Sex With His Mother

A mom son sex confession of sorts….

“When I was in high school my dad wanted my mom and I to do something together to help us “bond” as I was not getting along with her (must of been because I was becoming sexually aware and with all those male hormones pumping through my cock and body, quite a cocky asshole). Although annoyed at the time, I did as my dad asked, God knows why. So anyway, since were both gym goers, we decided to make that our “thing” to do so that we could spend time getting to know each other a little. That was over six years ago. Well, over the years, we have become close. Very, very close. So close that if my dad found out he would kill us both!

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Anyway, we have continued the tradition of going to the gym together even after I moved out of the house four years ago. Except that now after the gym, we head over to my place for a an hour or so for some mother son special loving. Sex is so hot, cause we are both in our prime and have no inhibitions! She is hot and wanting it all the damn time. She wants it anyhow and anywhere. She even asked me to fuck her up the ass! Now that was incredible! And I am more than willing to give my mother the fucking she so desires. I shouldn’t be, but I am so very thankful to my dad for making us “get to know” each other better”


Now there’s a VERY lucky young man!

Mommy S.
(Shhh, don’t tell daddy)

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