Son Fucks Mother

It happens far more than you’d think….or admit!

“When he got inside, he had heard some soft moaning coming from his mother’s upstairs bedroom. Quietly climbing the stairs he went to her door and silently opened it a crack. He peered in. On the couch lay his mother with her panties off, legs spread and fingers furiously working her wet pussy. He could even smell the rich aroma of her hot pussy filling the room as she masturbated and fingered herself right before him. He instantly felt his cock spring to life at the sight of his own mother masturbating…”

That’s what led up to this delightful little story when a son fucks his mother and gets his cock milked dry!

“…Don’t tell your father, just take your pants off and get into bed with mommy…”

Mother K.
(Seduced my son and it was awesome)

Like A Woman With A Hairy Pussy?

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