She Wants To Fuck Her Son

As I have watched my son grow up, I am becoming more and more attracted to him sexually. I can’t help it. He is such a frick’n stud. Just like his father when he was young. You know, before he got bored with life and started eating his way through every day. Now he is way over 300lbs and of course we never fuck anymore. Now that my son is twenty-one, I just can’t stop lusting after him. Thank God he isn’t around very much. I mean what would he think if he knew how much his mother wanted fuck him?

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I have fantasized about the next time he comes back home for a visit. I could slip him something in his drink at dinner and when he went to bed that night I could sneak into his room and play with his cock until he got really horny. If I did it just right, he would never remember anything the next morning. I would get the fucking I so badly want, and he would never know what I had done. And who knows, maybe he is more like his mother than we both know. God, I can only hope so. Gotta go. Got some planning to do. My boy comes home this weekend and I have to get everything ready.

“Is it wrong that a mom wants to fuck her son?”

Mother W.
(Horny and looking at her son’s cock as I type)

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