Mother Milks Her Sissy Son

How about a mother who not only feminizes her own son, but strap on fucks and milks him too?

Sissy Monika comes from from school to find Mother waiting in the bedroom for her. Mother’s body is ready and craving sissy sex. She dresses her sissy son in a pretty pink satin dress with ribbons, bows and lace. She adores her sissy and can’t wait to get her clitty into her wet warm mouth.

Mother needs to have her hot pussy and sweaty asshole serviced so she lays her sissy on the bed and first offers her breast for nursing and then her pussy and musky asshole. Pulling her panties aside she says to sissy son Monika. “Sniff my panties, honey and then I want to feel your tongue in my ass…..”

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Mother Nursing Her Sissy Son Before Giving Him The Strap On!

After her orgasms Mother has Sissy help her on with her Strap-On Dildo cock, lubes her ass pussy and slowly slide her cock into her sissy son. After fucking Monika for awhile she wants to see her sissy boy squirt. While fucking him his ass boy pussy she reaches around and begin stroking his sissy clitty with a bold powerful tugging!

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“That’s it, baby, make a big squirt for mommy!”

Mom Harris
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