Mom Son Sex On The Camping Trip

Last summer my mom and me went to the Grand Canyon and took the hike to the bottom. By the time we got there it was too late to start back up, so I pitched the tent and we bedded down for the night. Later, I was awakened by a hand reaching into my sleeping bag . It was my mom!

She unzipped my fly and reached inside for my dick. I started to say something but she stopped me with a soft “Shhh!” She started jacking me off and it wasn’t long before I was as hard as a rock. She unzipped my bag all the way and eased my pants down to my knees. A coyote howled outside. “Oh, Mom!” I sighed as she started kissing my dick and balls. I reached into her top and started feeling her tits, her nipples were already hard.

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She slipped my dick into her mouth and started giving me a blow job. I looked down and watched her head bob up and down as my lust rose to its’ height. The coyote outside howled again just as I let go. She gulped down my load with delight. I rolled over and pulled down her slacks so I could return the favor. After eating her pussy for about twenty minutes my dick was ready again and I moved on top of her and stared ramming her with it. I never thought mom and son sex could be like this!

We kept at it for most of the night, I never came that much before. I knew my mom was a good cook. I didn’t know she could fuck like that!

Now we go camping all the time!

(A bad boy but satisfied)

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