I Seduced My Son

A snippet from a friend’s diary I came across….

“Dear Diary,

Today I was so very wicked! I finally acted on a fantasy I have been having for at least three years I actually did it. I seduced my eighteen year old son. God it was SO easy! I had no idea how easy it would be to get my young one to fuck me. And while he didn’t have a lot of finesse, his beautiful big cock and willingness to do whatever I told him was a trade-off I was more than happy with!

Here is how it happened. Danny came over this afternoon looking for his basketball shoes. I had just gotten out of the shower, so when I noticed it was him at the door I didn’t bother putting any clothes on. I just stayed in my sheer pink robe and answered the door. It was so cute. I knew he could see my still wet body through the light pink robe. He could barely get the words out to ask me if he had left his stuff here. I told him to come in for a soda cause I could tell his sweet mouth had gone completely dry. From there it was just too easy. Within minutes, I had him in my bedroom, his hot, young, tightly muscled body naked and his cock erect and throbbing hard. He was shy at first, but I softly got him to relax by whispering in his ear “Just lay back and let mommy take care of you…”

He shuddered as I cupped his balls in my hand and took his hard cock into my warm mouth. After licking and sucking at the head of his penis for a few moments, he arched his back and shoot an absolutely HUGE load of hot jizz all over my face and naked breasts!

I so wanted him to fuck me, but we both heard his father’s car in the driveway and we quickly got dressed and he scooted out the back door just as I heard the front door open. Before he left he kissed my deeply on the lips and said “Thanks, mom!”, just like I had made him a dish of cookies or something!

His father had no idea I had just seduced my son and as he was kissing me hello the faint trace of his semen still marked my chin, LOL! We had dinner and I couldn’t help laughing to myself that I had cuckolded my husband with his own son!

I bet the Priest this weekend would REALLY preach a fire and brimstone sermon if he knew! LOL!

- Anon”

Pretty hot, eh?

“Mother likes her son’s cock and he’s more than happy to let her play with it!”

Mother G
(Seduced by her son and daughter one dark night in October)

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